Monday 11/4/13

Monday 11/4/13

New Week!

It’s a new week!  How’s everyone doing?  I’m a little sore still from last week, it was a great week for training…  This week is going to be great too, so let’s get to work!





I know that we’re approaching the holidays and it’s going to be much easier to cheat.  Candy here, pie and ice cream there… It all adds up.  Just be sure to make more good decisions than bad ones.  Ask yourself, “Is this really a special cheat?”  If it came from a grocery store or from a bag, then answer is probably no.  If it came from your mother/grandmother/(insert the best baker of your choice here), it’s probably a special treat and you should go ahead and enjoy it.  Make good choices!


Daily Dose

5 RFT:
10 Mountain Climber Complexes
20 Double Unders
200m Sprint

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