Monday 11/18/13

Monday 11/18/13


Lots going on, lots…

Thanksgiving Schedule:

Closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday morning we’ll be back open!  I’ll be programming a special Thanksgiving workout, so get in here, bring a friend or family member, and work off all that food, drinks and pie!

Christmas Schedule:

They gym will be open Christmas Eve day, Tuesday the 24th, in the morning for the 6:30 and 7:30 classes.  We’ll be having a special class that day at noon for the evening people.  We will be closed on Christmas Day, Wednesday the 25th.  Thursday the 26th we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program.

The run coming up soon, have you registered?  Here are the details:

When:  Thursday the 28th at 8:30am, we’ll meet there at 8.
Where:  Leland High School 6777 Camden Ave. 95120
Cost: $20

This is going to be fun, and I hate running so it’s GOT to be fun if I say it is!  lol  Grab your Get FitCamp tee shirt and we’ll run together!


The gym is now open on the weekends.

Saturdays from 12-2 is open gym time.  Come in and work on a goat (something that you’re not as good as you’d like to be), mobility, oly lifting, or get together with a couple other people and program your own workout.

Sundays are open from 12-2 as well for The FitCamp Barbell Club.  These days are going to be a little more structured.  We’ll open with an oly lift, work to some heavy weights and then work on some ancillary lifts.  It’ll be some heavy lifting with some football on in the background.  Come lift heavy stuff!

Referral program:

The FitCamp referral program works like this; if you bring a friend and they sign up and stay for three months, you get one MONTH free.  It’s that simple.  That being said, we’re going to be having “bring a friend” days more often.  Keep your eyes peeled for them and, like the name says, bring a friend!

Sugar is bad, mmmkay?

Sugar is bad, mmmkay?


Daily Dose

Work to a 1 RM sumo deadlift

“The Peanut”
4 RFT:
400m Run
10 Deadlifts (225/175)
20 Box Jumps (24/20)

Post loads and times to comments.

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