Just a few things…

Just a few things…

Low intensity week

This week is going to be a low intensity week. We’re not going to be doing any timed workouts this week. Everything will be done for quality and focusing on excellent movement. Even working on mobility and flexibility at some points, just so we can do those movements better in the future. Let me be clear though, just because it’s a low intensity week, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy!

Also, let’s plan a hike for Sunday the 23rd. Let’s meet at the gym at 9:30am and we can caravan from there! It’s going to be beautiful, so let’s enjoy it!

Let’s get some work done!

Daily Dose

4×12 Pull Ups

10,7,5,5,5 Press
4×12 Two Point DB Row

For 12 minutes:
1 Snatch
(For quality, NOT rounds)

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