How was it?!

How was it?!

First day back?

How was your first day back? Nothing like burpees after 10 days off, amirite?

Great job yesterday everyone. Good work in easing back into it, its usually a good idea to reintroduce yourself back into it after a little break. Today we’ll get after it at our own pace!

Don’t forget that Saturday the 21st, we’re having a FREE Foundations Class for ALL new members! This means that everyone that would like to come and learn how to do what we do, they get to AND save $100! Then, the following week is Bring a Friend week so they can come try out the classes and see what it’s all about. Let’s have some fun!

Also Saturday the 28th, I’m planning a Gym Event. Let’s go bowling! We’ll meet up at the Fish Bowl in Bass Pro and have a little fun and celebrate with our new members! Let me know ASAP if you’d like to go and I’ll reserve a couple of lanes. It will probably be around $10-15 per person, depending on how many people would like to come.

Daily Dose


5×3 Bench Press
4×12 BSS

50 Double Unders
15 Goal Posts
12 Squatting Presses

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