Gym Rules

Here at Get Fit{Camp} we keep it pretty relaxed but, we do have some rules.  Those rules are in place to create a safe, fun and welcoming environment.  Please read these and follow them.

Rule #1 – Be on time.  Classes start 5 minutes after the scheduled time.  That 5 minutes is not a grace period.  That time should be used to come into the gym to get into the mindset, work on some mobility, practice a movement or ask questions.  Tardiness will result in a 25 burpee penalty.

Rule #2 – Respect the OCD.  Put weights back where you found them.  When stacking plates on the floor, stack them straight and number side up. The dumbbells and kettle bells should also be put back in their proper order, with numbers facing up on the dumbbells.  Wipe down all bars, kettle bells and dumbbells after use.

Rule #3 – Check your ego at the door.  Everyone has something to learn, a place to get stronger, things about their nutrition to work at and everyone, is here to learn.  Respect each other and yourself.  Also under this category is that the workout isn’t done until everyone is done.  If you finish before others, catch your breath and stick around until the last person finishes.  Support your fellow members.

Rule #4 – No dropping anything metal.  Empty bars, metal plates, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc.  They are tough, but not unbreakable.  Those things are expensive, please treat them as you would treat your own equipment.