Grip burnt?

Grip burnt?

How’s your grip?

A few people mentioned that their grips were a little fatigued and sore after yesterday’s farmer carries, how’s your grip doing?

Well, we’re going to work it just a little bit more today.

Don’t forget that it’s Bring a Friend week, so if you want to com check out the gym, let me know and we can schedule you a class! Also, Saturday the 1st we’re having a FREE Foundations Class for all new members! If you’d like to come check it out, it’s from 10-12. We’ll cover all the basics that we’ll be doing in class so that way when you start on Monday you’ll hit the ground running. Be ready to work! Again, message me to schedule that session and we’ll get you going!

Daily Dose


5×5 DL
4×12 Tri Kickback w/twist
EMOM 10:
ODD: 10 Chin Ups
EVEN: 10 Burpees

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