Friday the 6th

Friday the 6th

Quick workout!

This is the last workout of the week that will not have a video. Next week I’ll have some videos for you outlining the movements for the Daily Doses that you’ll be having at home.

For this one, all you’ll need is a bench or ledge of some sort to do your dips on and a space to run and lunge in. Have some fun with this and get outside!

Fast Tip Friday!

This is the first of a 4 part series in the Fast Tip Friday area. This series is going to be about stolen moments. Where can you steal some time to get a few more minute of movement in? here are the first 5 out of 20:

  1. Set a timer on your phone while you’re at work for an hour. Every time it goes off, go for a walk around your floor or building. It should take you no more than 5-10 minutes and you’ll get some steps in!
  2. When you go get your newspaper or mail, lunge out and back to get it!
  3. When you go to the store, park a little farther than normal. Not only will you get more steps, it’ll be much easier to find parking!
  4. Take the stairs! This is a great one for those of you only 2-4 floors up. If you’re a little higher than that, take the elevator up a few floors and then take the stairs. Work your way up to doing all of them!
  5. Walk to get water often. You’ll be two things at once, getting more water AND having to walk more to the restroom.

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Daily Dose

5 RNDs:
Jog for 2 minutes
10 Walking Lunges
10 Dips on a bench (or chair)
30 Second plank

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