Friday 6/28/13

Friday 6/28/13

Friday Funny

Before the Friday Funny, I thought that I’d go on a rant first.  So, hold onto your seats.

Why do we do this?  Why do we torture ourselves?  This sucks!  It’s hard!  I get sore and walk funny for a couple of days!  I’ve heard all of that.  Yes, it sucks occasionally.  Yes, it’s hard.  And yes, you will get sore and walk funny.  More than you usually do anyway.  😉  But, we do it because in the long run, it’s (sudden breath in in shock and horror) good for us!!!  No way!  Lies, you say!  Yes, this is actually good for you.  It makes you more flexible, preventing injury.  It makes you stronger and more functional in life.  It makes you healthier and live longer.  It makes you better at your sport.  It makes you look better naked.  It makes you more awesome!  It’s good for you, trust me.  Find a way to make it part of your life.  No matter what.  Find the money, even if it means a few less double mocha lattes with whip (like you need those anyway) or one less Friday night out on the town.  Find the time, it’s only an hour a day, three days a week (minimum).  If you can’t find three hours a week out of the 168 hours a week, it might be time for some changes in life in general.  Find the motivation.  Why you want to be healthier.  To feel better?  To be a healthy example to you children, your family?  To live long enough to see your kids graduate high school, or college.  To meet your grand children and be able to move functionally at the age of 85 to play with them?  Just do it.  Imagine how much better you’ll feel.  How much better your clothes will fit.  How much doing a difficult workout can affect you outside of the gym.  The confidence to be able to do the things you never thought you could.  To conquer your fears and overcome them.  To live more freely.  Go.  Play.  Work hard.

And now on to your Friday Funny.

Rock solid.

Rock solid.



Warm up thoroughly, then:

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes:

10 push ups
20 Russian Twists (ten per side, use a weight if you’re feeling saucy)
30 Mountain Climbers (15 per side)

Post rounds to comments.


Daily Dose

Mobility for 30 minutes, then

Same as above.

Post rounds to comments.

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