Friday 5/2/14

Friday 5/2/14

Whole 30

Day 2 begins!  How’s it going so far?  Personally, I’ve been struggling since I have so many bad options in the house.  Having roommates that don’t eat the way that you do, does pose a challenge when there’s all kinds of bad stuff laying around.  Just have to stay strong!  Meal prep is KEY.  Taking the time to cook up larger meals that you can reheat later, or just eat cold as well, makes a really big difference in this experiment.  Having good snacks on hand, good things within reach helps a lot.  Primal Pacs are a great snack to keep around.  I’ve had them before and they are really tasty, pretty filling too.  They are great for when you’re on the go, or stuck someplace like the DMV or airport for long periods of time.  Like I said, plan, plan, plan!

Here are all your resources again!

This is the first step in the program that will lead you through the other steps.  Here is the PDF with all the guidelines and rules for you to print out and carry around with you.  Here is a list of other resources provided to you by Whole 9 Life:

Shopping list
Grocery Guide
Pantry Stocking Guide
Meal Planning Guide

I also highly recommend their book, it’s written in an easy to understand way and it’s fun to read!  Let’s do this and support each other!

Daily Dose

6×2 Bench Press

Work on:
Handstand Hold

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