Friday 3/28/14

Friday 3/28/14


It’s Friday!  Who’s excited by this?  I know I am.

On that note, a few reminders:

I’ll be out of town to the SFG Kettlebell seminar Saturday all day.  That means the gym is closed this saturday.

Saturday, April the 5th is the last official day of our Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge!  We’ll be taking measurements and doing the benchmark workout again to see how we’ve improved!  After, we’ll have a BBQ and a few adult recreational beverages.  BYOB!  I’ll provide the meat, you guys provide some good paleo or primal sides.  Let’s all hang out for a while and have some fun!

Let's eat!

Let’s eat!


Daily Dose

3×12 Backsquat

20 minutes of mobility then:
800m sprint
400m sprint
200m sprint
100m sprint
rest 2 minutes between efforts.

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