Friday 1/9/15


Am I right?!  It’s been a good week, but I’m glad that it’s Friday!  Saturday is going to be a lazy day, except for the early afternoon…  If you have a friend that’s interested in trying out the gym, let them know that there is the class this Saturday from 10am-12pm for $50.  We’ll be covering all the basic barbell movements, kettlebell swings, squats and touching on the olympic lifts.  Every new member is required to take this class so that everyone knows all the basic movements.  Have your friends or family contact me if they are interested, or give me a heads up that you’re sending someone over that morning!  Let’s have some fun!

Go do something new this weekend.

Go do something new this weekend.

Daily Dose

MN 4×7 reps
10 Windmills
DB Row 4×7
10 Dislocates
RDL 4×7 Reps
5 Reps Straight Leg Stretch

5 RNDs:
5 Cleans
7 Dips
9 Leg Lifts

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