February 27th ProCoach Class!

What if you never have to diet again?

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Unfortunately many people start and then fall off in the first few weeks. What if developing habits was the thing to get you back on track, and not some 30 cleanse or silly diet?

What if you were guaranteed results or your money back?

That’s EXACTLY what The Get Fit{Nutrition} program does. It gets your habits going before the New Year and it GUARANTEES that you’ll love the results by the end of next year or your money back. For more information, read about the ProCoach program here.

Our next class starts on February 27th and the last day to sign up will be on Friday, February 24th. Get on our pre-sale list now to guarantee your spot! There will be only a limited number and it will be first come first served, so act now to reserve your space and join the 45,000 people that have already lost weight, gained confidence and have become healthier!

“I like the flow of the program. There’s this logical aspect to it that coincides with the mission of the program–starting small and building up bigger. But the small things are really just the root. Who knew that eating slower would have to make you think about mindfulness? Who knew that eating until 80% full would make you have to think about why you don’t do that to begin with and your overall relationship to food? If radical change of habit is to occur, it has to happen in what feels to the habit-er an organic way and an ultimately sustainable way; and I like that this program understands and teaches that.” ~ Jessica P.