Fast Tip Friday and Announcements!

Fast Tip Friday and Announcements!


Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for ProCoach for this class. If you’re interested, read more about the program here, pick your level, then click here to sign up!

Tomorrow is a FREE Foundations Class to all new members. If you have any friends that are interested, please have them contact me to reserve their spot. Following that:

Next week is Bring A Friend Week! All of next week is free and open to the public. It’s perfect timing to take advantage of the free Foundations Class so they can jump right into class knowing all the basic movements. Let’s get some new faces in the gym!

Then, Saturday night we’re meeting at Cuetopia Billiard Cafe at 6pm to play some pool, hang out and have some fun. Meet us there and let’s play!

Keep Saturday, March 4th open for a possible hike for my birthday! Weather depending. Details to come.


We’re finally here folks! It’s Friday and that means, more quick cooking tips! The new ones will be in bold:

  1. This is number one for a reason. PREP, PREP, PREP! It’s easier to cook a bunch of chicken or chop a bunch of veggies, or put together 5-6 side salads all at once than trying to do it throughout the week. Save yourself some time and sanity by prepping your meals.
  2. After making eggs sunny side up, deglaze the pan with sherry vinegar and then drizzle it on your eggs for an amazing different flavor.
  3. For rich, creamy, healthier dressings, use half greek yogurt instead of all the mayo!
  4. Prep HUGE crock pot meals and then divvy it up into four gallon sized freezer bags. Place in the freezer and take out a day or two before you want to throw them in the crock pot. Talk about meal prep.
  5. Recipes are just guidelines, not rules. Even if they were rules, break them.
  6. Pick one thing that you do well, and perfect it! Then, make some variations on it.
  7. Keep it simple. Find simple recipes. Steam veggies and season them. Grill.
  8. Try cooking the same meat, like chicken, with different seasonings. Mexican, Greek, Italian, etc. Try things out, but keep it simple.
  9. Speaking of eggs, try cooking different kinds of eggs, like poached!
  10. Try different kinds of salads! Different veggies, different dressings, have fun!
  11. When seasoning meats, sprinkle it on like it’s snowing. That way it will be more even and not chunky in spots.
  12. When roasting your veggies in the oven, avoid over crowding the food. Keep space in there otherwise the veggies will steam instead of getting that caramelization that we’re looking for.
  13. To cook potatoes a little faster than an hour in the oven, poke a few holes in them with a fork, wrap in a paper towel and microwave for 4-6 minutes, depending on how big they are. It will take some experimentation, but they taste good and done faster!
  14. Use left over veggies from previous meals for a salad bar! Avoids throwing out food that might sit there and you get more veggies into your meals!
  15. Quick pickle by mixing a little salt and sugar with white vinegar and pour over thinly sliced veggies. Wait 20 minutes and enjoy!
  16. When you’re browning meat, you should blot the surface dry with a paper towel so the meat doesn’t release moisture when it hits the hot oil. Too much moisture makes the meat steam instead of sear, and you will lose that rich brown crust.
  17. Invest in a bottle of high-quality olive oil. Just a small drizzle can really bring out the flavor of pizza, mozzarella, pasta, fish and meat. (I love these guys locally)
  18. When you grill, pull your steaks out of the refrigerator one hour ahead of time so they can come to room temperature.
  19. If you don’t have time to brine your chicken, use this simple trick: Heavily salt the chicken (inside and out) about an hour before you cook it. Then pat it dry and roast. This ensures crispy skin and juicy meat.
  20. HAVE FUN!!! Turn on music, sing, dance while things are baking, make cooking an enjoyable experience and you’ll want to do it more often. 

I hope that you all enjoy these and use some of them. Let me know what kind of Fast Tip Friday series that you’d like to see!

Daily Dose


4×12 OHS
4×12 Bent Rev. Fly

5 Neg. Pull Ups
7 Good Mornings
9 Push Press

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