Quick post. 

The internet was down at home so I’m having to post from my phone so just a quick post. 

The weather has been amazing and I hope that everyone has been spending some time outside and enjoying it. It’s supposed to be warm again this weekend, maybe we can all go do a hike! 

Daily Dose





5×5 Front Squat

4×12 Pull Ups 


4x400m sprints. Rest to recovery. 

Tuesday 6/2/15

Hey folks! Internet is down at home so I’m posting from my phone. Short post tonight, sorry. It’s hard to type everything with your thumbs. 

Just a quick heads up, I’ll be sure to send an email when I have connection, but the gym will be closed from June 22 to June 26. I’m going on a vacation for this first time in I don’t know how long. I’ll be posting workouts every day though so everyone can still get a bodyweight workout in. Please plan your month accordingly. Thanks for your understanding, even I need a break occasionally! 

Daily Dose






EMOM 10:

10 KB Swings (American)

5 KB Rows L&R 

Tuesday 5/13/14


Yesterday rocked.  I love the Oly lifts.  Let’s do some bodyweight stuff today.  That should be a nice change…

Reminder that the gym is closed Thursday and Friday!  Plan your workouts accordingly.

Yes.  Yes it is.

Yes. Yes it is.

Daily Dose


Skill – L-Sit/Rings
4 RNDs:
1 Min Pull Ups
1 Min Sit Ups
1 Min Push Ups
1 Min Flutter Kicks(4-count)
1 Min Rest
(Score is running total)

Post reps to comments.

Friday 5/9/14


I swear I thought that I wrote a post for today, then I looked and I hadn’t!  Well, here’s the post for today.

I’m so proud of you all this week.  We’ve been lifting heavy all week and have put some awesome numbers up on the board.  We’re going to be taking a little bit of a break from the strength and working more on technique and movement for a week or two.  We’ll be seeing much more of the Oly lifts in the Daily Doses and slightly longer workouts.  It’s going to be great!

Gym Closure Dates, please adjust your workout schedule accordingly;

May 15-16; I’ll be in the city at a seminar.
Memorial day weekend; May 23-26.

Daily Dose

1 RM Bench Press

4 RNDs:
50 Double Unders
50m Walking Lunge

Post loads and times to comments.


Inch by inch

Inch by inch makes it a cinch.

That was something that I learned years ago in martial arts as a kid. I’ve always loved that quote. It’s applicable for pretty much anything. Here, I’m using it in reference to the gym. Today I got almost all of the PR’s boards up. This is awesome because its a great way to, not only track our progress as a gym, but to foster a friendly sense of competition between each other. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we all can do! Lets get busy!

Daily Dose

4 RFT:
Run 400m
10 dead lifts (225/175#)
20 box jumps

Post loads and times to comments.

Friday 10/25/13

Settled In…

Ooooookaaaay…  I’m pretty much settled in.  There’s still a LOT of work to do in the gym, but we’re still getting some amazing workouts in.  I don’t know about you, but I”m kinda sore!  Glad that today was a chill day, too bad a lot of you missed it… Oh well!  You have a weekend coming up to recover.

Thank you for your patience while I was getting the internet going and finishing up the move.  We are now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Get after it Ron!

Get after it Ron!


Daily Dose

4 RFT:
3 Sandbag get ups L (60/30)
3 Sandbag get ups R
15 Push ups
200m Sandbag Carry

Post times to comments.