Wednesday 8/12/15

Halfway there!

It’s midweek ya’ll!  How are we feeling?  I’m pretty sore but feeling good!  Accidentally typed that as “food” and almost left it because it seems like all I do now is eat.  Doing a Whole 30 and The Zone has been a challenge, but one well worth it.  I feel better and have much more energy.  It’s been a great month so far sticking to the plan and hasn’t always been easy, but it’s starting to show.  Maybe I’ll do this more often…


This Saturday from 11-3 I’ll be at The Vitamin Shoppe on the corner of Santa Teresa and Blossom Hill for a health fair that they are hosting.  There will be free swag bags and a a couple smart guys there that can answer all your questions about the supplements that you are taking, might want to take, or should be taking.  Please let me know by Wednesday if you are able to make it.  It would be fun to have you all come by with your Get Fit{Camp} shirts on and show your support!  Let’s grow this gym!  Also, if you’ve got your testimonial letter together, please shoot that over to me as well, I’d Love to have a few of those for the event.  Thanks in advance!

It’s a bit early, but I might as well give you all heads up, the gym will be closed Labor Day Weekend.  That will be from the Friday the 4th to Monday (Labor Day) the 7th.  Again, it’s a little early but I just wanted to get ahead of the game.

Who wants to do the Wipeout Run?!  This looks like so much fun, we have to register before the 13th, otherwise the prices will go up.   Let me know asap and we’ll all register and start working on themes of costumes!  Right now it’s $67 and it will go up to $72 after the 13th, so let’s get on it.  Let’s go have some fun!



Daily Dose


Piston Presses
High Pull

3 RNDs:
15 HPC
200m Sprint

Monday 8/3/15


We made it to deload week.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited that it’s time to relax a bit.  Well, not really a little bit, just kind of, sorta…  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!  MUAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Seriously though, strength is going to be a deload week, but we’re going to be working on conditioning just a bit instead.  Let’s have some fun with it.  Until then, here is some Monday Motivation for you:

Inch by inch...

Inch by inch…

This month will be a Whole 30 month for those of you interested.  A few of us have mentioned how it’s been a while and we feel like it’s time to do it again.  It’s a bit of short notice, and that’s my fault, so if you can’t start immediately today that’s totally ok!  Just jump in wherever you can and join us. I’ll also still be using The Zone to arrange my meals, but now it’s going to be Paleo/Zone.  By using The Whole 30 rules and guidelines, it’ll be much easier to workout the finer points because the ideas are the same.  A ton of veggies, some starches and fruits, lean meats about the size of your had and fats the size of your thumb per meal.  It’s all pretty basic! Should you need help or support of any kind, feel free to ask. Let’s get lean!

Daily Dose


5×8 @50%
Accessory Work
Snatch Grip Pull Up
Parallette L-Sit (Skill)

2 RNDs:
200m Sandbag Sprint
20 Wall Ball

Monday 7/27/15

Woohoo!  It’s a new week!

I love Mondays.  It’s the best day of the week simply because we get to start all over again.  We get to work on new projects or finish up some old ones.  It means that we’re all rested up from the weekend and we’re ready to bust our butts in the gym again and keep making those gainzzz!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already noticing a difference in my leanness.  Lifting heavy and often is a surprisingly good way to burn some fat and build up that “toned” body that we’re looking for.  Keep in mind that “Tone” is nothing but some lean muscle mass.  Just stick with it and I guarantee that you’ll like the results.  If you don’t remember (Here is the link to the blog where I wrote up a lot about it, plus a few links to help guide you a bit more), I’ve been talking up The Zone a lot lately.  It’s a lot of weighing and measuring my food and keeping track of how much I eat and something that I discovered is how massively inconsistent that I am when it comes to eating.  Some days I eat too much and others, waaaay too little.  No wonder it’s hard to get the results that I’m looking for when consistency isn’t there.  Getting in the gym consistently (3 times a week at the bare minimum) is super important, just like eating consistently and enough!

I get it, it’s hard.  There’s always something going on with work or school or kids or whatever, but it is so important to our health and our goals that we make the time to workout and eat properly and consistently.

Personally, I’ve found that I get all wrapped up in whatever I’m doing and I loose track of time and forget to eat.  The end of the day comes around and suddenly I find that I have to eat like 8 blocks of food still and it’s bed time!  That’s not good.  So, I’ve started to set reminders on my phone.  Every couple hours I have a notification go off telling me that it’s time to eat again.  Yes, it sounds insane.  But, that’s what I have to do to reach the goals that I want.  I only bold and italicize that because my goals my be different than yours.  Really evaluate what you want and we can sit down together and figure out a path to get there.  That’s what I’m here for.

Let’s get to work.


Busy 6:30 classes! 


Daily Dose



6×15 @50% Bench
Chin Up Negatives
DB Flyes