Superhero bodies pt. 1


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Men and body Image:

Something that I’ve noticed over the past few years is the increasing amount of rock hard, lean bodies that Hollywood claims are what men’s bodies should look like through some of these super hero movies that are coming out. I think that there’s a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way as well as women, but men just respond differently to that “ideal image”.

Just look up an image of He-Man and he was created in 1983!

A study performed last year interviewed approximately 116,000 men about their bodies, body satisfaction, weight and social pressure to look a certain way.  Of those men interviewed, about 40% of them are unhappy with their weight, 29% were unhappy with their bodies in general and 40% felt there was social pressure to look a certain way. In my estimation, that’s just the men who admitted it. Personally, I think that those numbers would be a lot higher if there also wasn’t social pressure for men to not admit how they’re really feeling about their bodies. But yes, there are some that just don’t care about what people think about them, must be nice to feel that way!

This isn’t something that is easy to talk about but, I’m not happy with my body either. Personally, I feel pressure (obviously put on by myself) to look a certain way and with these superhero movies coming out with totally ripped guys, it only adds to the self imposed pressure of “I’m a trainer, I should look like that.” Again, I know and accept that it’s all on me, but if I feel that way, I’m pretty sure that other men do too.

Whether society wants to admit it or not, the ideal body of men has changed over the past few years. Just take the chance to look up images of (a lot of the images may or may not be copyrighted, so I didn’t want to upload them here and get fined again):

  • Wolverine 2000 vs. 2013
  • Batman 1943 and 2016
  • Superman 1948 and 2016

Dad bod to ripped bod.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to diminish the fact that women experience way more pressure from society to look a certain way, I’m just trying to say that men feel it too. It’s only really been recent that the hyper-ripped version of these heroes have shown up. According to film critic A.O. Scott, the industry only reached “peak super hero” in 2013. It will be interesting to see how or if these versions of super heroes will affect the young men of the next generation.

“So what can I do?!?! How can I get that superhero body or am I destined to never have a 6 pack???”

Well, you aren’t destined to never have a 6 pack. All we can do is try our hardest to get our own personal genetics to present themselves in the best way possible. It just takes a lot of work and dedication, just like we talked about in Women in Fitness Part One and Part Two.

Next week, I’ll talk a bit about body fat percentage, what it takes to get there, and  some strategies to achieve those different levels of body fat.

To sum up today’s blog:

  1. There is pressure starting to build about societal perceptions of mens bodies, just as women have felt for the past 50-60 years or so.
  2. About 40% of men admitted that they aren’t happy with their bodies. Personally, I’m curious to see what the next generation of boys will think about their bodies with the new superhero images coming up.
  3. You can have that ripped body, if you want it, and we’ll talk a bit more about it next week.

Until then, let’s have a great week and start working on some simple habits to better our nutrition and our lives. If you need any help or guidance on setting up a solid nutrition program, head over to the Get Fit{Nutrition} page and read all about ProCoach. The next class will be starting in April sometime, so sign up now to reserve your spot. Sign up sheet is at the bottom of the Nutrition page.

Daily Dose

Oly Day!
Snatch Practice
3 RNDs:
12 Snatch Grip Press
100m Farmer Carry (AHAP)
12 Pull Ups

Oly Day!

Oly day is the best.

It’s a fun day of lifting and getting better at our movement or mobility! Let’s have some fun!

Dan, getting under it!

Daily Dose

C&J Practice
3×8 Jerk
3×12 BB Step Up

Women and Strength Training Part 2

Last week we had the first installment of the Women in Strength Training post. In case you missed it, you can find it here. Today I’ll be wrapping it up with some thoughts on the subject.

Women in strength training have done a lot to change the idea of what the “image” of the female body should look like. But at the same time, it hasn’t done much to help.

People attack advertisements for the bodies of the models in them for being too “perfect” and that it’s detrimental to the standards of what women should have to reach in order to be “beautiful”. Then at the same time, those same people will go and mock someone for being “overweight”. It’s not the pictures themselves that are hurting, it’s how people perceive them. Women shouldn’t have to look at a picture and think, “That’s how I have to look in order to be beautiful.” It’s ok to have a tiny waist, and it’s ok to NOT have a tiny waist. Personally, I think that marketing campaigns should be more inclusive of all body types, as well as women in movies, TV shows, etc., but it’s also our jobs to modify how we respond to those photos.

There’s no such thing as the definitive body type and THAT’S what we all need to accept.

When we see images of other bodies, ripped or skinny (this also includes men and the six pack, underwear model type), for some reason our own judgmental hats get put on and we immediately start coming up with ways to put ourselves down, or put down the person in the image. Maybe it’s time that we start to accept that it’s our own insecurities that are bubbling up and they have nothing to do with the model in the picture. What we should do instead is, look in the mirror and see the amazing, confident, beautiful person looking back at us and say, “Oh good morning you sexy beast! You’re amazing and it’s time to dominate the day!”

Here’s just a few things to consider that might help out:

  1. Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter. AT ALL. There’s nothing that you can do to make everyone like you. Ever. So trying is an exercise in futility. If you want to put on muscle, put on muscle and be strong. If you want to be a size 0, well genetics comes first here and it may not be attainable, then work to be a size zero. People will say hurtful things, be unsupportive and sometimes even downright cruel, but forget them. Be PROUD of what you’re working for. BE PROUD of who you are and what you’ve done. BE PROUD that you’re chasing performance, a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body. Embrace your accomplishments.
  2. Focus on you. The thing with strength training and what we do at Get Fit{Camp} is that we’re not training to show off or look good, that’s just a side effect of being awesome. So don’t worry about what you see in those ads or photographs, or whatever other people say, worry about how you treat others and, more importantly, how you treat yourself. Your inner dialogue is the single most effective method to promote change, for the better or worse. What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror or when you see those ads or pictures? That instantly will determine your mood and how your day goes. Start from within and work from there. One piece of advice that I’ve heard is to talk to yourself like you would a little girl. Would you ever tell a little girl that she’s not good enough or that she was fat? I highly doubt it.
  3. Ignore the haters. There’s always going to be people out there that will not like you, what you do or how you look. They don’t matter. I’d bet that when you first started lifting you may have thought that you’d get these massive arms and huge legs, and I’d also bet that you still don’t have them. I’d also bet that since you’ve started lifting that you’ve become more confident and never in a million years thought that you could dead lift the amount of weight that you’re currently lifting. It’s pretty amazing when you realize how far you’ve come since you first got started. If you’re still new, don’t worry, you’re going to be surprised when you hit that next deadlift PR(personal record) at how amazing you’re going to feel. Never let someone determine how you feel about your performance or your body.
  4. Self doubt will not be tolerated. There’s always going to be someone out there that’s better looking, stronger, more popular, have better hair, run faster than you or be the next top model. It doesn’t matter. It’s pretty easy for us to fall into that, “I’ll never be as good/better looking/have more hair/etc. as that other person.” I’m not saying that you should ignore those people and not have them in your life, just understand that you’re amazing the way that you are. If you follow people on social media that make you depressed about where you are, UNFOLLOW THEM. There’s NO reason to make yourself feel bad. Remember, social media only shows only the best part of other peoples lives. It’s photoshopped and filtered over to make their lives/bodies look as amazing as possible. It’s not real. You’re real!

I guess at the end of it all, you have to love you. You have to do you and whatever makes you happy. Cut out the negativity and embrace positive self talk. Keep chasing performance and challenge yourself to be better. You’ll be surprised at how amazing you are.

Daily Dose

4×10 Front Scale Leg Lift

4×12 DL
4×12 Piston Press

(Scale Up to HSS)
10 Pull Ups
15 Jumping Squats

Halfway through!

Hip Hop Hump Day!

I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite day but, I LOVE 2000’s hip hop. Let’s just get through the day with a smile on our face!

Teamwork is the best work! Dave, lending a hand to Amy.

Daily Dose

Snatch Practice
3 RNDs, 12 reps each NFT:
Two point DB Row
Elevated Lunge (L&R)
Neutral Grip Pull Ups

Tumble weeds…

Where was everyone?

Yesterday was a pretty lean day gym wise. Was it the running? The lunges? The squats? My breath..?

Let’s try to maintain that consistency. Frequency/consistency of training is the real key to success! Let’s stay in it!

Daily Dose

C&J Practice
3×12 DB Piston Press
3xME L-Sit



TGIF and it’s a hiking weekend! Let’s get out and go for a walk. Who’s coming with me?!

Daily Dose

Oly Day!
Snatch Practice
3×12 Snatch Grip Press
3×12 Good Mornings
3 Neg. Pull Ups after each RND

Oly Day!

Snatches today

Let’s get in the gym today and work on our snatches a bit.

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Daily Dose

Snatch Practice
3×12 Snatch Grip Press
3×12 2 Point DB Row

Tough week!

Almost there…

It’s been a tough week so far and I’m so proud of all of you for trucking through it. Friday is just around the corner. Let’s get after it!

Daily Dose

C&J Practice
3×10 Goblet Squat (quality)
3×12 KB OH Press

The end of 5×3


Last week was a GREAT week! We had some amazing workouts and a really fun bowling event on Saturday.

This week we’re starting a new high volume strength cycle. Because it’s higher reps, we might dig into the Get{Fit} portion of our workouts a bit, and that’s ok. For the next 8 weeks, we’re going to be focusing on building up some muscle and ramping up the intensity a bit. This higher volume is meant to push the border of “hard”. That doesn’t mean failure, just means I want you to get uncomfortable a bit and then push that edge just a little farther. We’re going to be aiming for 12 reps per round in this cycle, but that also doesn’t mean that we’re going to get to 12 every single time. What I’d like you to think about is stopping 1-2 reps before failure. So if that means that you’re only getting to 9 or 10 reps and you feel like one or two more reps might cause you to fail in the lift, that’s ok, stop there. Get a bit uncomfortable!

The Fast Tip Friday series didn’t make it out on Friday again, but I think I finally got the problem worked out! Remember that all new things added from the week before will be in bold.

  1. Set a timer on your phone while you’re at work for an hour. Every time it goes off, go for a walk around your floor or building. It should take you no more than 5-10 minutes and you’ll get some steps in!
  2. When you go get your newspaper or mail, lunge out and back to get it!
  3. When you go to the store, park a little farther than normal. Not only will you get more steps, it’ll be much easier to find parking!
  4. Take the stairs! This is a great one for those of you only 2-4 floors up. If you’re a little higher than that, take the elevator up a few floors and then take the stairs. Work your way up to doing all of them!
  5. Walk to get water often. You’ll be doing two things at once, getting more water AND having to walk more to the restroom.
  6. While brushing your teeth, do some calf raises. Get up on your tippy toes and tap your heels on the floor and go back up.
  7. If you have a dog, walk it more often. They’ll appreciate it. If you don’t have a dog, pretend and go for a walk anyway!
  8. If you’re watching your favorite tv show, every time a commercial comes on do some exercise that you need to work on. Push ups, squats, lunges, mobility, etc.
  9. Now that we’re parking farther away from the store, as you’re walking in and out, walk faster!
  10. Schedule your time. Pull out your calendar and schedule one hour a day once a week and work up to two times a week, and then go from there. Baby steps.
  11. DANCE BREAKS! Whenever a song with a good beat comes on, dance to it! Even if you’re in your car, that extra little bit of moving to your jam will be fun and helpful. It might even make you (and someone watching) smile!
  12. Stand up work stations are a great way to get your body moving a bit, and it’s much better for your back, hips and energy levels than sitting all day. Ask your boss about getting one.
  13. This might sound silly but, stand/sit up straight! As you’re sitting at your desk or your new stand up work station, focus on sucking in your stomach tight, shoulders down and back, head slightly pulled back and breathing through your stomach rather than your chest. This will not only improve your confidence (studies have proven that simply standing up straight will greatly help in self-confidence) it will help keep that pesky back pain from flaring up, improve your core strength and keep your energy levels up.
  14. Farmer carry your groceries to your car. Load them up in some durable grocery bags and lug them to your car parked on the far end of the lot. It’s a great workout and two trips are for suckers.
  15. Now that you’re walking more, pick up the pace! Make it a walking race when going somewhere.
  16. While you’re cooking dinner/doing your meal prep, as food is cooking or water is boiling, do some planks, squats or push-ups! I’m sure that there’s something that you can work on mobility or strength wise!
  17. Plan active date nights with your partner! Go for walks, hikes, or even ride a bike for a picnic in the park!
  18. Trouble with pull ups? Buy a rig that hangs in your door frame and every time you pass it, do a couple jumping pull ups and work your way to dead hang pull ups!
  19. When grocery shopping, skip the cart and get the basket. It’s a great way to get some farmers carries in.
  20. Schedule it out. This is important. We seem to live and die by our schedules and the calendar. “Don’t have the time”? Schedule it. Make it a priority. Your health and fitness is something that should be a scheduled part of your life because it’s something that will have the greatest impact. Working on mobility, strength and flexibility will create for you the opportunity to remain mobile, active and independent into your later years. Take care of it NOW, because later might be too late.

There you have it folks! 20 tricks to help you incorporate more movement and health into your day. Which one will you work on first? Email me or post to the Facebook page and let me know!


Daily Dose


4×12 Incline Bench
4×12 DB Step Up

10 Good Mornings
9 Bent BB Row
(Once you start a round, you can’t put the BB down)

ProTip Tuesday Episode 9 – Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics


I’ve been threatening to talk about this for a while, so here it is. Go, try them out, check with your doctor first, and let me know how you feel.


Daily Dose


5×3 Front Squat
4×12 Chin Ups