Back at it!

Back at it!

And we’re back! 

Not sure why, but this hit me as I was writing this…

Anyway, welcome back and here are a few announcements:

Another hike planned for the 20th! Let’s meet at the gym at 9am and we’ll carpool/caravan somewhere. Location TBD still, but let’s do something exciting!

We’ll be having a Foundations Class on Sunday the 21st at 10am! If you have a friend or family member that has been itching to find out how you’ve gained so much fitness, and I know that you all do, tell them and have them contact me to get them scheduled! Let’s get more people in this gym!

Daily Dose


10,7,5,5,5 Squat
4×12 BB Curl

3 RNDs:
400m Sprints
10 DB Rows L&R
20 Sit Ups

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