A Holiday Eating Guide

A Holiday Eating Guide


As we’re approaching all the holidays, it’s easy to forget our goals and our gains. Halloween has it’s candy and parties. Then comes Thanksgiving and massive 4,000 calorie meals (sometimes we’ll have 2-3 of those). Then comes Christmas season and all the work parties, treats and sweets that come with those, not to mention the alcohol. Then comes New Years and the parties that revolve around that.

It’s pretty easy to fall off track and find ourselves eating everything, throwing caution into the wind and by the beginning of the following year, 10 pounds heavier and feeling pretty darned gross. Trust me, I’m in that same boat. All of the fresh baked cookies, pies, cakes and all the other delectable treats that come with it are more or less my kryptonite.

There’s a few things that we all can do to help keep us on track during the holiday season.

  1. Portion Control
    This is something that we cover in the Get Fit Nutrition Program. The basics are pretty simple. Using your hand as a measuring guide (men will use two hands), every meal should consist of: one palm of lean protein (again, men are using two), one fist of veggies (men use two), a cupped hand of high quality carbs (men, you know what I’m going to say here, two), and a thumb sized portion of high quality fats. For more info on the types of each of those, go back and read How to Create the Perfect Meal.
  2. Slow Eating
    This is challenging at parties since most of the time we’re on our feet, chatting and enjoying ourselves. We’ll be eating from paper plates and not really mindfully eating. The thing to do here is to stay present with your food. Be aware of what you’re eating and how quickly you’re eating it. This will really help keep you from just shoveling it in your mouth and feeling overly full by the end of the night.
  3. Stop when you’re just starting to feel full.
    This takes a little practice and you won’t get it right away and it wraps back to being mindful about the food that’s on your plate and how quickly you’re eating it.
  4. Stay away from the snack table
    Usually at parties there’s one place where all the food is. This habit is pretty simple, just stay away from that table. Go stand on the other side of the room. If you are hungry, walk over, grab the smallest plate and fill it up with the best foods that are available and then walk away. This will help keep you from standing by the bowl of chips and dip where it’s pretty easy to just mindlessly keep reaching and dipping with no gauge of how much you’ve eaten.
  5. Learn to say, “No, thank you.”
    This is probably the hardest one. But, there’s a trick to pretty much guarantee that people will leave you alone when you say no. What usually happen is, when you say no, people just assume that you don’t really mean it and will have a counter like, “Just try it. One isn’t going to hurt.” Or something along those lines. There’s no clear way to say no without someone countering with something to get you to do it. The best way that I’ve found that works is, “No thank you. I’ve already eaten” or “No thank you, I’m driving tonight and wouldn’t want to risk it” or even “No thank you, I’ve had one and they are delicious.” Following your no thank you up with something that says why you don’t want just one bite or another drink or a third slice of cake, usually will keep people from pressing the issue. Occasionally someone might continue to press and it’s totally ok to reply with a firm NO. Don’t let someone else dictate your diet through social pressure.

These are just a few ways to help you survive the holidays with minimal damage to your waistline. If you’ve found other ways to help you through these tough social gatherings, please share them on our Facebook page, or reply in the comments below!

With all of this said, I’m excited to announce that the next ProCoach class will be starting on December 5th! If you or someone you love wants to get a jump start on their New Year’s Resolution of losing weight, gaining confidence and being healthier, tell them about this! Simply copy the link and email it out to everyone that you care about that wants to gain some control on their eating.

Let’s have a great week and kick some butt!

Daily Dose


5×5 Front Squat
4×12 Ring Dips

4 RNDs:
10 DL
12 Bar Over Burpees
200m Sprint

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